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Wednesday, October 29

Do Online Petitions Work!!

Does Signing a Petition helps the targetted in any form?
There has always been a confusion that do the petitions we sign actually help the targetted benificiary or not.
A petition, be it online or written can be used in the parliament to pass a bill if it reaches a particular number; so signing petitions is not a waste at all. That is, the more the people sign the petition the more popular it becomes and thus can make a difference to the targetted by compelling the related authorities to take an action.But for this, someone must take a hard copy of the entire petition and approach a local political party or file legally for a BILL.
Petitions are also used as solid evidence in courts and can help in chnaging the judgement or influence it atleast.
Many a petitions have already worked wonders..
So keep signing petitions and forward it to all you know to make it more popular and thus a successful petition!!
There is a simple way to find petitions by yourself.
Use google's CSE for petitions, search by keywords like 'Animal Cruelty In China'

Also, you may find some concerned and fast running petitions at

People for Animals

Tuesday, October 28

Animal Abuse and the Olympics

We recently finished up with our petition on the animal abuse in China and the one specially related to the Olympic Cleaning up...
Thanks for the supporters..

For the ones who wish to read more on this act.. Here's an excerpt...

...Chinese restaurants carry at least 20 different dog dishes, with “fried long dog tails” being the latest craze among upscale Beijing yuppies. The market is so substantial that—similar to Burger King in America—there’s an outfit in China called Dog Meat King whose specialty is self-explanatory.

Researchers have published gruesome photographs of dead dogs being hung from hooks in meat lockers, while others showed butchers slitting dogs’ throats to drain the blood. Usually, Chinese diners prefer to eat puppies between the ages of 6-12 months because they are most tender. Over 300,000 dogs are slaughtered nationwide, many of them processed into a garish type of stew.

Some restaurants submerge live dogs in boiling water and pull their skin from the carcass in one swift motion. Other chefs will gut a dog from throat to stomach; then hold the “prize” aloft by the tail in front of their clients before cooking it. Many of those slaughtered are actually family pets (with collars still intact) that are stolen by poachers and transported in trucks without food or water.

After being pulled from their cages, videotaped footage shows them being brutalized with knives and clubs, or having their heads smashed on the ground to stun them. Ted Kerasole of Salon magazine describes the helpless dogs being gutted, strung aloft by wires, then skinned alive—a torturous process that takes up to seven minutes.

In China, dog meat is considered a delicacy that purportedly increases one’s sexual prowess and “warms their blood.” Another two million dogs and cats are murdered each year to supplement the international fur trade. Yes, felines are also eaten in China, as well as monkey brains and bird eyes......

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People for Animals

Sunday, October 26

Animal In Zoo...Animal Comic

Can't Understand why the animals are still put up in the zoos..When we have all the means to see them and learn about them..
Saw this comic strip in a mail; all credits and appreciation to the creator..

Saturday, October 25

Thankyou for the support!!

Thank you all whoever signed the Petition and even those who took the time to read it atleast. The petition has been forwarded to the Chinese Embassy and would soon see some effect on the cruelty to animals not only in china but world over.

Thank you again and hope to see your support on other petitions as well.
For more concerned petitions visit :


Sorry for not being able to follow through and update the blog.. I'll definitely try and keep on doing that.
I hope to get brief notes on the "extinct" or "getting extinct " species around.


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