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Thursday, November 13

[Animal Rights Petitions] Stop EU subsidies to livestock industry

In the last fifty years, in Europe and elsewhere in the developed countries, there has been an exponential growth in the consumption of animal products (meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products). These foods are consumed at each meal in every household; quite unlike 50 years ago, when these were rare food items. Today these items cost extremely little, with respect to production costs, often even less than vegetable products, which inevitably require far less raw materials, energy and labor.

This is because farmers and fishermen receive direct and indirect funding both from the state and the European Union; in effect, what we do not pay for at the cash register we pay for in taxes. It is also paid for by those who choose not to buy animal products.

This is all the more serious as the consequences of the high consumption of meat, food and other animal products are greater on the environment, on human health and on the development of poorer countries. It would be justifiable and positive if individual states and the European Community supported and promoted only the consumption of foods that are healthy and have little environmental impact. Instead they do so with foods whose production has a devastating impact... and this is neither acceptable nor justifiable. It is up to us citizens to put an end to this situation and press for a more farsighted, sensible and sustainable policy in this matter, which will protect the environment and human health rather than harm them as it does now.

What we propose is to reverse this self-destructive trend, resulting in the following steps.

1. Put an end to every kind of subsidy for breeding, fishing, crop cultivations intended for farmed animals feed;

2. Charge for the purchase of farmed animals feed;

3. Ensure that the animal products the final consumer buys show their real price, not distorted by subsidies and other facilities granted to the producers and that also includes the environmental cost for the enormous negative impact of breeding (internalization of costs).

4. Put an end to campaigns for the promotion of animal products consumption financed by public money;

5. To support, with subsidies and information campaigns, the consumption of healthy plant-based food, to be less expensive for the final consumer, an easily obtainable result after the withdrawal of the enourmous costs of subsidies to farming and fishing.

We propose in the meantime a petition in support of Point 1 of this series of proposals.

The petition has the purpose to both bring forward this issue with the European Parliament and to raise the matter in various areas, because not enough attention is ever put to how damaging the practice of farming is and how therefore unacceptable it is to finance it with public funding.

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Saturday, November 1

What Breed is it?

Street dogs roaming in and around the city is a common scene in India. These are abandoned and can be found being beaten and teased away from one place to the other. Every one has a problem with them.
We have a lot of Animal Lovers around but they just want to take care of some good breed of an animal. Specially the dog...

The first and the common question which anyone asks upon being asked for adopting a dog is "What breed is it..?"

And this, then generally happens with the status conscious guys who don't want to adopt an unknown breed or otherwise with some who are generally scared of the diseases being carried by the animal(Even when it's already sterilized!!!).
The second reason may seem to be a bit valid but what about the first case??
This query seems to be inhumane and reflects the social weirdness and the fake face of the individual... I mean...what the hell is animal love to do with the breed...It very well relates the nature of the individual who makes relationships according to his social status, financial standings etc. Willing to pay thousands of bucks for a "breed" dog; they can't adopt a cute looking Indian street stray pup!! Wired..
Those beggars and the poor in the slums are better and actually have love and affection for these poor animals.. They share their food with them, take care of them, provide them shelter...They should actually be appreciated.

Our appeal to those who don't care about the stature of the dog and simply love them is that "Please adopt an Indian Dog".
Adopting them would do good to us :
1.)You would get a loving, caring and obedient friend(Which is hard to find otherwise :) ).
2.)It'll clear up the streets,and the city would look good; with no strays around.
3.)They would not be chased and would not bite people.
4.)Their population would be controlled, and would not be brutally killed.

If one out of four Indians Adopts an Indian Stray Dog, all the street dogs would be gone.


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